MAIA | Mostra Audiovisual Internacional em Arqueologia   ( Novo site MAIA.TV.BR )

O endereço deixará de existir em breve. O novo site está em construção e será lançado em janeiro de 2015. Visite-nos!

Silvio Luiz Cordeiro | Diretor MAIA

MAIA | International Film Festival on Archaeology   ( New website MAIA.TV.BR )

The website will no longer exist. The new one is and it will be launched on January 2015. Visit us!

In the development of archaeology as an interdisciplinary science, archaeologists have opened new perspectives for studying the past looking for objects, rediscovering ruins and landscapes, digging memories. They produce knowledge based on a diversity of material remains of human activity, which constitute narratives of our history and presence in the World. Acquainted with all kinds of instruments, whether in fieldwork or laboratories, archaeologists experiment with audiovisual recording, which helps them express their ideas, creating narratives about cultures and societies, its life and transformations. Audiovisual resources are part of many contemporary archaeological projects and they can increasingly contribute to the diffusion of knowledges. Archaeology is also a subject or a meaningful way through which documentarians, artists and others audiovisual producers develop works that address, for example, history and time, society and power, place and culture, art and life, and so on. The editions of MAIA – Mostra Audiovisual Internacional em Arqueologia / International Film Festival on Archaeology open the screens to audiovisual productions of several themes in the archaeological praxis around the World.

MAIA will hold special sessions with invited productions for discussing audiovisual works in archaeology and related subjects among archaeologists, directors, audiovisual producers, artists, educators, students and the general public. Its purpose is to become a new channel for dialogue and exchange between different experiences in archaeology, and its relations with the cultural heritage, art history, social sciences, and others fields of human knowledge. This is not a competitive event, but an open Film Festival to the diffusion of audiovisual works related to archaeology, in its breadth of studies and activities.

Silvio Luiz Cordeiro | Director of MAIA